Remote Relationship Management Solutions

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Moving Targets

How to keep track of a MOVING TARGET through Remote Relationships.

By maintaining closer contact with them, you’ll know when something has happened that you need to reach out and reestablish your presence in an account. If you have a stakeholder or a major champion that is shifted rolls are left the company, you’ll know about it so that you can get in there and not lose your strong position.

No one can take their clients or prospects for granted. There been heavily pursued by competitors, and they will offer discount to do everything they can to get them to move off your platform. So we make sure that we maintain those BIP relationships for you and we stay close to them. Sales people are busy, and sometimes they’re focused on selling new business and don’t have the time to maintain existing clients. It’s just the way it is, we can be there to Maintainers relationships so that your position is secure.

Learn how implementing the Architecture of Engagement™ impacts your bottom line revenue, client retention, and pipeline.